Terms & Conditions

Rules for Using the Application Super-G

This agreement is a confirmation that you (Service User) agree to the terms of Service provided by UAB Promo Vero (Service Provider), collectively referred to as Parties.

Terms and Definitions

Service – usage of the functions of the mobile application (Gudrutis or SuperG) managed by the Service Provider and paired with the Device.

Device – device sold by the Service Provider which can be paired with mobile applications (Gudrutis or SuperG) managed by the Service Provider.

Provision of data – transfer of information from the Device to mobile applications and vice versa.


Obligations of the Service Provider

  1. The Service Provider shall undertake to provide the Service to the Service User under the mobile application settings selected by the Service User.

Obligations of the Service User

  1. The Service User shall undertake to use the Service provided by the Service Provider appropriately: for own personal purposes only, and not use the Service for malicious purposes.
  2. If the Service Provider notices any Service disruptions or Device failure, the Service Provider must immediately inform the Service User.
  3. If the actions or lack of actions of the Service User affects the quality of Service and/or causes damage to the Service Provider, the Service User shall compensate the damage suffered by the Service Provider.
  4. The Service User shall choose mobile operator services by himself. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the quality of mobile operator services, e.g.: quality of calls or mobile internet, SIM card quality, etc.

Data Protection

UAB Promo Vero shall process the personal data of customers who are using mobile applications and Devices managed by UAB Promo Vero. The company shall process the data of data subjects only for the purpose of providing its Service. The personal data of data subjects shall be collected only to the extent necessary to provide the Service. The Service may not be provided if there is lack of data. In the specified cases, UAB Promo Vero is the controller of the personal data of the data subject.

Data processed by the company: names and surnames, telephone numbers and related information (all telephone numbers and names added by the user to the address book of the application (device)), images of people (with the consent of the user expressed by the user's active actions of uploading images on the application), text messages and voice messages, location information and device location history.

The Service Provider shall store data for a period specified in the table below:

Stored data

Data storage time

Name and surname, telephone numbers and associated names, text and voice messages, image

As long as the Service User is using the service, i.e., until the Service User deletes his account, changes data in the account or requests the Service Provider to change or delete his data.

Device location history

2 days

UAB Promo Vero shall have the right to use data processors for processing personal data, but only in cases when the processor provides services to the Service Provider which are necessary for the proper execution of the Service. Such data processors shall be: company providing data center services, companies that develop, provide and support software, companies that provide information technology infrastructure services, companies that provide communication services, and other service providers to which the personal data of the data subject are disclosed to the extent necessary to provide the Service.


Circumstances of Force Majeure:

The Service Provider shall not be liable for total or partial failure to fulfil its obligations under this agreement, if this was caused by circumstances of force majeure. The Parties shall understand circumstances of force majeure as they are determined by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

Service Termination

The Service User shall have the right to stop using the Service without prior notice. Service termination shall be considered to be deletion of the user's account during which the Service User either deletes all data related to the use of Service provided by the Service Provider himself or requests the Service Provider in writing to delete the account of the Service User.

Final Provisions.

This agreement shall come into force from the moment it is confirmed and shall be valid until Service termination.

UAB Promo Vero reserves the right to renew or change its terms of Service. The Service User shall be informed about any changes via the mobile application.

All disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by negotiation. If disputes cannot be settled amicably, they shall be resolved according to the procedures established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.